Safety Certificates & Inspections


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We do vehicle inspections for all sorts of purposes, including Safety Certificates, previously called ‘Roadworthy Inspections.' Our workshop is located Graceville and we are happy to answer any questions you might have.


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Safety Certificates are now required for all cars (with a few exceptions) on the market in Queensland. The certificate must be displayed with all vehicles for sale or you could face an on the spot $500 fine. Safety Certificates last for 3 months.


Vehicle Inspections

We also do vehicle inspections for other purposes, including;

  • Preparation for a long trip e.g. drive around Australia - the last thing you want on the road trip of a life time is car troubles or, worse, safety issues
  • Safety and peace of mind - if you have young, inexperienced drivers using your car then it makes sense to get regular safety checks
  • Pre warranty expiration - don't get slapped with expensive repair bills a few months after your warranty expiration. Get your vehicle fully inspected prior to the end of the warranty to tie up and loose ends and get things fixed.


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