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Cars are fit to be called systems, or complex machines rather than just being called machines. They consist of mechanical part, aerodynamics and most importantly the electrical system. With modern cars using microchips and sensors to keep them on the road and functioning optimally, the need for a competent electrical system mechanic is next to a basic need.

One of the worst things that a driver can ever come to is having your car fail to start up because its ignition system is not right or sit silently on long journeys because the audio systems is down. These are just but examples of few things that can go wrong. 


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The core parts of a cars electrical system are:

  • Battery - this delivers 12 Volt power to the car's various electrical parts
  • Alternator - this is connected to the engine via a belt which creates energy as the car runs and converts it into electricity to recharge the battery so that, hopefully, it will never go flat. Unfortunately nothing lasts forever though.
  • Starter motor - as the name suggests, this part is responsible for starting the car. It turns the engine's crankshaft via the flywheel and uses electricity from; you guessed it, the battery.
  • Solenoid - the solenoid is a little coil of wire around two magnets that administers the power from the battery to the starter motor

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