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We can perform fully qualified log book servicing on a wide range of makes and models including: Holden, Ford, Mazda, Toyota, Nissan, BMW, Audi, Hyundai, Honda, Kia – and many more.

Keeping up with your Log Book schedule helps to maintain your statutory rights to a new car warranty.



We don't have to have a physical log book in order to do a Log Book Service - it just means we follow the manufacturers guidelines. We can certainly provide you with a log book to help you record your cars service history, which will be a benefit if you ever decide to sell your vehicle.

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Many people believe they must go back to a car dealership for New Car Log Book servicing in order to maintain the warranty. Actually, the ACCC have consistently confirmed that under Australian Law, you are free to have your car service carried out by a mechanic or service centre of your choice provided they are qualified to do so. See our video to learn more.

Log book service is preventive service which keeps your car running like new. With proper log book service the engine runs better thanks to oil changes, the tyres last longer thanks to rotation and the transmission runs smoother thanks to fluid checks and replacement. For services in the Graceville area of Brisbane work with Westside Mechanical Graceville.

Log Book Service: Common Schedule

Log book service is not to be confused with transmission overhaul or exhaust system repair. Log book services are the little inspections and services which stop damage in its tracks and ensure your car is running at optimal performance. These services are on a schedule dictated from the manufacturer. This schedule is different for every make and model, but would look similar to the following:


  • Check Belts and Hoses

Every Three Months:

  • Check Coolant
  • Check Brake Fluid
  • Check Transmission Fluid
  • Check Power Steering Fluid
  • Check Condition of the Air Filter
  • Check Windshield Washers
  • Check Windshield Washer Fluid
  • Change Oil
  • Check Car Battery

Every Six Months:

  • Tyre Pressure Check
  • Check Spare Tyre Pressure
  • Tyre Tread Wear Inspection
  • Brake Check
  • Brake Light Check
  • Check Spark Plugs
  • Shock Absorber Check
  • Check Turn Signals
  • Check Heating System
  • Check Cooling System


  • Tyre Rotation
  • Engine Tune-up
  • Check Engine Coolant Sensor

The warranty on your vehicle is dependent on your log book service. This schedule must be maintained by a certified shop or the warranty may be voided. Not only that, but it is always easier to change a hose than perform a transmission overhaul.

To stay up to date for your log book service make an appointment at Westside Mechanical Graceville today!

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